Tasks: Context, Purpose and Use: TBLT 2009

‘Tasks: context, purpose and use’The 3rd Biennial International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching13th-16th September, 2009

Under the auspices of the International TBLT Consortium and the Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University, you’ve still got more than a year to cobble together a decent excuse to visit the Lake District for this TBL extravaganza.
The first international [...]

TEFL Jobs: Teaching English Abroad

By Luke Fisher
Once TEFL certified, course graduates are qualified to teach English abroad. Opportunities for teaching English abroad are plentiful with TEFL jobs, Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language, available in most countries. The vast majority of English teaching jobs tend to be in countries where English is not the first language an example of [...]

Teaching English in Italy and TEFL Jobs in Italy with TEFL Certification

By Luke Fisher
In this latest article in the guest authors series, Luke Fisher delves into the Italian TEFL scene and what you might expect to find in the country:
Teaching English in Italy is a great way to explore an amazing and diverse country. There are TEFL jobs available throughout the country, in many different teaching [...]

What Will Globalization Do to Languages?

Stephen J. Dubner recently posed the question, ‘what will globalization do to languages?’ on the Freakonomics blog of the New York Times. The article contains the views of some notable folk, including Christian Rolling, Mark Liberman, Henry Hitchings, and John Hayden. Here’s what they have to say about the issue:
“The Internet has helped [...]

Best Tips for TEFLers

If you’re looking for the best TEFL tips These can be found TEFL Tips. This is one of the new projects started by naturegirl321, whom you’ll be familiar with from the ELT World forums. In her own words:
‘I’ve been teaching for a while now and try as often as possible to help out people new [...]

No fax payday loans for broke TEFLers

Most of us are familiar with the (in)famous Telegraph article ‘The slavery of teaching English‘. While I disagreed with many points raised, I have to admit that TEFL is no different from, perhaps even worse than, many other professions in that a great number of us reach the last few days of the month waiting [...]

Reasons not to Drive in Russia

Any TEFLers lucky enough to be enjoying the high life in Russia should nevertheless think twice before driving in the country if this clip of a junction in St. Petersburg is anything to go by!

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What we Really Want to do with those Essays

Sometimes you just don’t want to grade those student essays. On such days, images such as this spring to mind:

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15 Things to do in the Classroom

The ever excellent TEFL.net offers a great selection of ‘15 things to do in the classroom’, a great variety of ideas for those struggling to inject something new into their classroom activities. I’ve linked to them below:
15 most fun Business English lessons
15 most fun cultural training topics
15 ways to make email practice fun
15 easy ways [...]

Consider the Tech Training Route

There was a recent comment from Spiral78 on the forums that really got me thinking: ‘There’s some fiction out there in general that the whole world has a dire need for English teachers and is willing to pay ‘above average salaries’ and lots of benefits for any native speaker who will condescend to go there.’ [...]

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