Teaching Abroad: A guide to the basics

By Joel Bleasedale
Leading on from the last guest author article on the subject of getting into TEFL, Joel Bleasedale here discusses what’s involved in teaching English in a foreign country:
Teaching English as foreign language (or second language) is an excellent option for visiting new parts of the world. Because English is commonly used for diplomacy, [...]

Reasons for and against Reading Aloud

Should we get our students to read out loud? This is an emotive question and has provoked a great deal of response over on the forum, both for and against. Check out the discussion here.

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Characteristics of an ESL/EFL/TEFL Teacher: Know What Schools Look For

Think about your teacher profile, suggests Michael G. Hines
When a ESL/EFL/TEFL school searches for a new teacher for an open ESL/TEFL/TEFL teaching position, they already have an image of the teacher they want. Every school has certain qualities they feel a teacher must have to be successful. Those qualities can be many things depending on [...]

Editing Your Writing

Celia Webb discusses useful tactics that students may use to edit their writing:
Writing is an important method of communicating our beliefs, intentions, knowledge, and ideas. Accurate use of language allows others to understand what we mean. A critical part of the writing process is editing. Good editing removes all the errors which distract readers from [...]

Using Kinesthetic Learning Activities to Improve Comprehension

Kinesthetic learning by Adam Waxler
Did you know that while many students are visual learners and many others are auditory learners, most students actually prefer a combination of visual, auditory, AND kinesthetic learning.
So what is kinesthetic learning?
Simple…kinesthetic learners are those students who typically memorize facts by walking/pacing, they learn by doing, and like [...]

How do you get into TEFL?

By TEFLTrainingWorld.com
In this article from our guest authors selection the TEFL Training World website discusses how you should go about getting started in the profession:
TEFL – what does it mean? TEFL simply means Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This acronym describes everything to do with teaching English as a foreign language – the industry, [...]

The Top 8 Reasons to get Started Learning Chinese

China (PRC) is experiencing a period of speedy economic transition, one built upon the back of a phenomenal catch-up, but which has also triggered a chain of social and cultural changes that will be on display for the world to see as we approach the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
With businesses now rushing to China (PRC), and [...]

5 Things You Must Check Before Choosing a TEFL Course

By Lisa Walker
Unfortunately there has never been one single regulatory body for the TEFL industry. Right now there are numerous TEFL schools springing up everywhere, all claiming that their course is better than the rest or, that they offer the most accredited TEFL certificate. It can be a daunting task trying to select the right TEFL [...]

TEFL courses in Spain & TEFL jobs with TEFL certification

By Luke Fisher
In this guest author article, Luke Fisher discusses the life of the English teacher in Spain:
There are a wide variety of TEFL course options available in Spain leading to TEFL jobs for those with TEFL certification. Spain has such a tremendous amount regional diversity that one is almost dealing with this country as [...]

Teaching English: FAQ

An article for those looking to enter the noble profession by Josef Essberger
Are there really any ESL jobs for me?
Yes, there are. Rightly or wrongly, the whole world wants to learn English. People everywhere, especially young people, are convinced that speaking good English is their passport to a successful career. What is more, they are being [...]

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