The good, the bad and the ugly (TEFL blog happenings)

Here’s what I’ve been reading over the last week or so…

God-like genius: T is for Teacher Training – Scott Thornbury doin’ the Bull Dance. Feelin’ the flow. Workin’ it. Workin’ it.

This blog is technotronic: mLearning misconceptions – Gavin Dudeney, the man machine.

Big brother is TEFLing: Text-to-Speech:Let the Computers Talk – Özge Karaoğlu extols the virtues of some techy stuff.

Scathing: The CELTA failure rate – Alex Case needs to take a day off, the prolific bugger!

Ticked off: Is Your Professional Image Wearing Thin? – Bethany Cagnol gets it our of her system, I hope

Genuinely interesting: IELTS for the blind – what to expect – Simone Braverman finds something interesting to talk about with regard to IELTS.

Student cetredville: ‘How-to’ student video making – Darren Elliott delivers more practical advice on stuff to do in class.

Flat battery: Six ways of letting unplugged teaching through the coursebook door – Lindsay Clandfield is joined by Jason Renshaw for a bit more dogme propaganda.

Celebration time: 20th ESL/EFL/ELL Blog Carnival – Mike Harrsion regales us with details of this, er, event.

What have you been writing? Let me know and I’ll give you a mention.

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