My EduBlog Awards nominations

So, here are my nominations for this year’s awards:

Best individual blog

Kalinago English

Karenne Sylvester’s blog was recently the recipient of the inaugural ELT World TEFL Website of the month award. Karenne has, basically, managed to foster a sense of community among her blog readers with her thought provoking and compellingly interesting posts. I feel that I can learn from her.

Best individual tweeter


Larry Ferlazzo is a massively prolific tweeter, but hardly any of his tweets aren’t worth investigating. A true educator who effectively shares his enthusiasm through the use of twitter. I should take this opportunity to say thank you!

Best new blog

Turklish TEFL

Nick Jaworski started his blog with the intention of creating a site specifically for teachers and students in Turkey. While this has remained the main focus, the international readership of this blog has also led Nick to including post on more general issues and ideas within the field of ELT… and to great effect. All of his posts show a clear and well-informed insight into the TEFL profession and the consequent discussion in the comments section makes for equally good reading. It would be a shame if the current threat to the blog’s continuation is realized.

Best resource sharing blog

Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…

I don’t know when this man finds time to sleep. A fabulous well of resources.

Most influential blog post

One Year: How to present at a conference

Adam Simpson attempts to analyse what happens in his classroom, how his students react to this, his life as a teacher in general and how he uses various sources to make his teaching better. This particular post was the first of a four-part series about the whole process of making your first TEFL conference presentation. I wish I’d had this post to refer to before I started. Simply explained with step by step guidance, this post makes for essential reading for anyone thinking of making the step into giving conference presentations.

Best teacher blog

TEFLTastic with Alex Case

TEFLtastic with Alex Case does not necessarily reflect the views of, so reads the disclaimer. Well, I’d be happy to have him expressing his views here on ELT World. What a prolific blogger. I don’t know where he finds the inspiration to keep blogging at such a prolific and high quality level. This remains the first place I head for when I’m in the mood for reading about the eventful world of TEFL.

Best educational use of video / visual

Teacher Training Videos

An obvious choice, but a classic.

Best educational wiki

TEFL World Wiki

A collaborative project with the aim of providing useful information for TEFL professionals, this wiki provides clear, jargon free information for TEFL teachers and English students about many diverse areas of teaching English.

Lifetime achievement

Jeremy Harmer

If for no other reason, his most reason post dares to criticize dogme (220 comments and still going strong).

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  3. Thank you so much, David. I feel that I can learn much from you also!


  4. Adam says:

    I second what Karenne says, thanks a lot.

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