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August 10th, 2010

Asia – Oceania news roundup


Get the lowdown on the world of TEFL in India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka…

Delhi Games put accent on sounding British

The Delhi Metro is providing English speaking classes for all its employees in preparation for the Commonwealth Games that the Indian capitol will host this October. With large numbers of foreign tourists expected to visit the country during the event, India is taking steps to ensure that they have an enjoyable stay. For the staff of the Delhi Metro this means brushing up on their English language skills and being trained to replace their local, Indian accents with clipped, British ones.

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As English Spreads, Indonesians Fear for Their Language

Paulina Sugiarto’s three children played together at a mall here the other day, chattering not in Indonesia’s national language, but English. Their fluency often draws admiring questions from other Indonesian parents Ms. Sugiarto encounters in this city’s upscale malls. But the children’s ability in English obscured the fact that, though born and raised in Indonesia, they were struggling with the Indonesian language, known as Bahasa Indonesia.

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Lawmaker wants English as primary teaching language in the Philippines

Believing that a high degree of proficiency in the English language will help Filipino graduates get jobs easily in any country, a lawmaker has filed a bill mandating its use as the primary medium of communication in schools. Rep. Rachel Marguerite Del Mar has filed House Bill 191, which seeks the use of English as the medium of instruction in pre-schools, elementary and high schools and to prescribe the teaching in specialized English in tertiary levels.

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English: Merit for job-seeking Naga youths

Nagaland’s literacy rate now stands at 67. 11 %. English is the official language of Nagaland, notes the Morung Express, which is accepted by all sections of the people of Nagaland. “The youth of Nagaland are also gradually catching up with the process of globalization and liberalization,” Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio was quoted as saying in an official programme in Kohima. The Naga youths’ ability to speak fluent English is assumed as an advantage for them to serve outside the state and elsewhere. This is evident as a large number of Naga youths are engaging themselves in various private firms today in different parts of the country and even abroad.

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Cebu eyed as English learning hub

A group of Cebuanos have come together to make Cebu a prime destination for English learning. This vision, once achieved, will develop another tourism attraction in Cebu. The Cebu Hub For English Learning (CHELE), an association formed after a workshop that was held to brainstorm ideas on how to put Cebu as an English learning hub on the world map, is a brainchild of the Cebu Leads Foundation (CLF), a multi-sectoral coalition.

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English-medium teaching returns to 54 government schools

English as the medium of teaching was back at select government schools on Monday, 26 years after the Left Front government banished it from state-run schools. It has now been reintroduced in the higher secondary section of 54 government and state-affiliated schools, notes the Times of India.

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Introducing bilingual education to Pirivena, Sri Lanka

On September 3, 2009, President Mahinda Rajapaksa emphasized the need for bilingual education in Pirivena education. That was the first time he used the term bilingual education in a public address through media. Consequently, it was possible for the Cell of Language Coordination at the National Education Institute to think about ways of supporting the Pirivena education to promote language competencies of priests through bilingual education.

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Local dialects key to global success

To be globally competitive, says the Inquirer, Filipinos must learn first in their local dialect. City dwellers may cringe upon hearing the accent of people from the provinces, but experts say that one of the keys to a good education is teaching students early on in their mother tongue, or dialect, instead of in English or in Filipino.

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India chases language of success

For business, notes the Guardian, government and millions of ordinary people, proficiency in English has come to be seen as a key to prosperity, but evidence that this hope will be fulfilled is lacking.

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