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TEFL Blog roundup: April

Here are a few of the things I’ve been reading over the last month. Enjoy… ELT & Happiness – The English Corner: for English teachers in China Keeping control of your TEFL class – The TEFL Times: The only online … Continue reading

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South Asia: English in Action Across Bangladesh

English in Action is a nine-year-old programme that helps 25 million people in Bangladesh improve their ability to use English language for social and economic purposes. This project creates resources for the classroom and for teacher professional development using mobile … Continue reading

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Recent forum threads at ELT World

Here are some of the interesting threads that have been started recently on the ELT World forums: General Discussion – Do you lesson plan? General Discussion – What’s national health insurance like where you live? General Discussion – Exercises and … Continue reading

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United States: Teaching science to ELLs

The United States, notes the NSTA, has long been called a melting pot, a place where diverse people mixing and mingling. Learning the dominant language is a challenging part of the process, particularly when a student is trying to learn … Continue reading

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Japan: Why do English teachers have to be native speakers?

In Japan, non-native English-language instructors from South Asian countries are challenging cultural stereotypes and putting a new face on the industry, exclaims the Japan Times. It hasn’t been any easy task, but is this a good thing? Read the full … Continue reading

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Georgia: Saakashvili speaks of the ‘Linguistic Computer Revolution’

Georgian President Saakashvili said that English language classes would become compulsory from the first grade in schools, and that every first-grade schoolchild would be given an XO mini-laptop from next year as part of the “linguistic and computer revolution” plan. … Continue reading

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English language learners making gains in the US

An associated press story notes that schoolchildren who are still learning English have made progress in state tests over the last three years, according to a report that may indicate tougher accountability standards have resulted in positive gains among a … Continue reading

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Debunking myths on US immigrant education

United States: Skirmishes over immigration often take place in the schoolyard, exclaims Rosemary Salomone in the Washington Post. Those opposed to immigration claim that bilingual school programs impair a child’s academic success and that school children who retain their foreign … Continue reading

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New ‘lip’ research sheds light on foreign language learning

United States: Lip movements may play a key role in the learning of second language speech sounds, while hand gestures may not be beneficial, suggest two Colgate University professors: For Japanese learners of English, there is difficulty producing distinct “r” … Continue reading

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How does your classroom smell?

“My 15-year-old daughter Chloe couldn’t sustain her interest in academics and, as a result, she would goof off with her friends and get in trouble,” said Michael Sweeney of Oswego, NY. “Now I realize that all those Ds and Fs … Continue reading

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