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Wonderful English from around the World

The keep us in work, so be thankful… In a Bangkok temple: IT IS FORBIDDEN TO ENTER A WOMAN, EVEN A FOREIGNER, IF DRESSED AS A MAN. Cocktail lounge, Norway: LADIES ARE REQUESTED NOT TO HAVE CHILDREN IN THE BAR. … Continue reading

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TEFL Blog roundup

Here are a few of the things I’ve been reading over the last few weeks. Enjoy… ESL & Happiness – The English Corner: for English teachers in China How are TEFL courses structured? – The TEFL Times: The only online … Continue reading

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Does the NCLB act promote monolingualism?

The United States is now eight years into the No Child Left Behind Act and educators, researchers, and advocates remain locked in heated debate over the effects of the law’s testing and accountability mandates on students, many from immigrant homes … Continue reading

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UAE: Why Arab students find English tricky

Gulf News notes that a study by the British University in Dubai has indicated that insufficient attention is paid to spelling principles and this results in poor written English among Arab learners. An education expert has noted that, in order … Continue reading

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