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Ireland and Saudi Arabia: Saudi language school plan sparks ‘ghetto’ row

Rock that shit homies. A plan to house 750 Saudi students on a live-in English language school outside Dublin has raised concerns in government departments, notes the Irish Independent. Government sources have expressed concern that it conflicts with integration policy … Continue reading

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Maintaining discipline with 10/11 year olds

Here is a lovely post from the forum that I want to share with you all, courtesy of sollettspain: I have a class of 10/11 year olds at elementary level. I teach them twice a week for an hour at … Continue reading

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The big Australasia TEFL news roundup

Here are some recent TEFL headlines from around the region. South Korea: Language education ‘starts in the womb’ Bilingual education starts from womb, a research team led by Krista Byers-Heinlein and Janet Werker from the University of British Columbia claims … Continue reading

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The best place to live in the World?

You might be surprised. Click here to read the thread on the ELT World forums. Note that there is probably a difference between ‘live’ and ‘scrape by on a TEFL wage’. Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin … Continue reading

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Time to get out… Part two: Alternative careers

To reiterate what I was saying in part one, teaching is wonderful job and I can’t imagine ever wanting to do something else. As I noted, teaching can be a rewarding and invigorating career, but it can also be arduous, … Continue reading

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Time to get out… Part one: Thinking of leaving TEFL?

Let’s face it, teaching is bloody great and I can’t imagine ever wanting to leave this profession to do something else. Yep, the post title was an attention grabber; I’m not planning on leaving TEFL any time soon. Nevertheless, not … Continue reading

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South Korea: Animosity against English teachers in Seoul

Picture this scene, if you will: ‘It all started with a Halloween party at a bar in 2004. Most everyone was wearing a risque costume; the women were showing a lot of skin. Many foreign English teachers attended. When the … Continue reading

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Colombia: Teaching English to the Colombian Police

Two Professors faced the task of teaching English to members of the national police force when they went to Colombia last summer. Their task was to teach English to about 100 members of the national police force for six weeks. … Continue reading

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Malaysia: The English language is ‘not’ being neglected

The Malaysian Government’s decision not to continue teaching Science and Mathematics in English does not mean the language is being neglected, at least that’s what the Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin claims. A number of new initiatives are being … Continue reading

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Why graded readers are crap

Alex Case has just written about graded readers and how to effectively review them, and it brought up something that has been a pet hate of mine for many years. I replied in some detail to his post, but I’ll … Continue reading

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