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Distance Education from PCDI Canada

As TEFL teachers with busy, hectic schedules, what we look for in terms of educating ourselves usually tends to involve the leaders in ‘distance’ education. This is especially the case for those of us who are looking to make the … Continue reading

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English to be made compulsory in new Education Policy

Pakistan: Federal Education Minister Mir Hazar Khan Bijrani has declared that the new Education Policy will be announced on Pakistan Day, March 23rd, 2009, introducing revolutionary changes aimed at raising the standard of education, notes the Daily Mail. He did … Continue reading

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Raising bilingual children in Japan takes time, effort and money

Japan: Notes the Japan Times – ‘An American friend recently asked me a difficult question: How do you bring up a bilingual child?’ Asks Roger Pulvers. ‘She and her Japanese husband now have a 2-year-old son, and they are keen … Continue reading

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British Council launches portfolio of newservices at TESOL Arabia 2009 – Dubai

United Kingdom and UAE: Those loveable rogues the British Council, the world’s infamously largest English language teaching organisation, has launched a range of new global English teaching and learning services, debuting the new services in the UAE, at the TESOL … Continue reading

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United States report suggests immigrant parents feel shut out of schools

United States: Hot on the heels of a Dep. of Education report stating that immigrant students are doing better than ever before, groups serving immigrant families issued a report of their own today, calling on the city Department of Education … Continue reading

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NIC opens doors to curious teachers in Japan

Japan: December’s unexpected announcement from the Education, Science and Technology Ministry that high schools would be required to teach in English as much as possible also acted as an impetus for Ochi, notes the Daily Yomiuri. The ministry’s proposal was … Continue reading

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Do you have a UK pension that you don't know about?

The issue of pensions in the country where you live compared with the state pension in the UK was raised recently on the Turkey forum. Without doubt, among the most important financial decisions you’re likely to make in your life … Continue reading

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Teaching English in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: The need for native-speaking English teachers is strong in the Kingdom. Osman Mamoor, a 33-year-old English teacher from New York at The Wall Street Institute School of English, noted he has seen certain differences as well as similarities … Continue reading

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Awesome anagrams

I got this lot via email and thought they were too good not to share: DORMITORY When you rearrange the letters: DIRTY ROOM PRESBYTERIAN When you rearrange the letters: BEST IN PRAYER ASTRONOMER When you rearrange the letters: MOON STARER … Continue reading

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Online conference anyone?

The 7th Annual International Online Conference (IOC) for Teaching and Learning takes place March 30-31, 2009, completely online and features keynotes, presentations and workshop sessions by and for education professionals. IOC includes a variety of ways to connect with and … Continue reading

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