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Korean teachers training at Cal State San Bernardino to improve English skills

South Korea & California: Chloe Seong has an intense month ahead of her at Cal State San Bernardino. Seong, 30, a fifth-grade teacher, is one of 22 elementary teachers from Seoul, Korea, selected by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education … Continue reading

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Online second language process soon in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: The New Nation reports how the permutation of mobile computing, simulation and ESL/EFL learning and teaching have the potential to result in escalating transformation of the Second Language Acquisition (SLA) process. The spread of telecommunication, internet and wireless technology … Continue reading

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If you Really must Go to that TEFL Conference…

Alex ‘TEFLTastic‘ Case is fast emerging as my favourite TEFL blogger. Where the man finds time to sleep is beyond me, such is his prolific rate, not only of writing new articles but also for producing materials and teaching ideas … Continue reading

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Women’s Forum at ELT World

At the ever popular ELT World forums, we’ve set up a new forum especially for the ladies among us. We’re hoping this will grow into a useful resource for all females teaching English around the world. internet advertising Click here … Continue reading

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English teaching AND learning in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: English Language Teaching Improvement Project (ELTIP) is a project under the Ministry of Education (MoE) which has been working to promote teaching learning of English in the secondary level education in Bangladesh. In the recent past the very purpose … Continue reading

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What happened to 'Football Culture'?

No, I’m not talking about the changes in soccer over the past decade or so caused by the huge influx of television money. I’m actually referring to the British Council website of the same name. I originally stumbled across Football … Continue reading

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What the F—?

Inspired by the Silly Place Names thread on the forums. What are the residents of this town known as? I wonder what the mothers are called! What would you be learning at the Fucking High School? Does the Fucking Hospital … Continue reading

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Japan is learning English from Obama’s speeches

Japan & United States: US President Barack Obama’s speeches are proving a best-seller in Japan — as an aid to learning English, notes Reuters. An English-language textbook, “The Speeches of Barack Obama“, has sold more than 400,000 copies in two … Continue reading

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Germany to consider scrapping English lessons

Germany: The country is among many in the world which adopted the mantra of ‘the earlier the better’ when it came to teaching pupils English, notes the Telegraph. However, research by the Catholic University of Eichstaett has thrown the educational … Continue reading

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A call to ‘nurture’ the English language empire

Australia: Britain’s colonial empire may be long gone, but the language that helped run and often unite it has helped build an empire of a different kind. This English language empire needs to be nurtured and protected by universities in … Continue reading

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