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Learning English in the Afghan badlands

“I am a boy and you are a girl – please repeat after me,” says the English language teacher. The unlikely setting for the class is the remote eastern Afghan village of Kodi Khel, against a backdrop of the White … Continue reading

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Police pay £900 per day for translation

Good news for any of you who’ve spent some time abroad as a poor and destitute TEFL, only to make the move back to Britain to find yourself even poorer and more destitute. If you managed to pick up the … Continue reading

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United Kingdom: Pupils ‘speed-date’ in languages

United Kingdom: Speed-dating techniques have been adopted by a Cheltenham school to give pupils a taster course in languages, notes the BBC. Youngsters at Pate’s Grammar worked against the clock to learn a variety of words and phrases in languages … Continue reading

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English: One of the hardest languages to learn?

There are some controversial questions which to some extent may never be satisfactorily answered, suggests One important question which falls under this category is the following: What is the hardest language to learn? ‘When I went to school we … Continue reading

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Foreign student to serve 17 days in jail for faking visa documents

VANCOUVER, CANADA: The B.C. Court of Appeal has found that a two-month jail sentence was unfit after it imposed on a foreign student who faked records to stay in Canada. The B.C. Court of Appeal substituted a sentence of 17 … Continue reading

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The Future of English Language Teaching?

South Korea: What is the future of English language teaching? The answers appear to be more students taking more exams and using more technology in the classroom, suggests the Korea Times. However, the question is whether this is really a … Continue reading

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Obama's Use of Language Stirs Controversy

I’m not sure of the source of this but I received it via email and it made me laugh: Stunning Break with Last Eight Years Nov 18 – In the two weeks since the election, US President-elect Barack Obama has … Continue reading

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Overseas student ID cards begin in UK

United Kingdom: It’s finally happened; the fingerprinting of overseas students for biometric identity cards has begun for those extending their visas, notes BBC news. This is the first phase of tighter visa restrictions which will eventually affect more than 300,000 … Continue reading

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Dr M: Teaching subjects in English helps Malays

Malaysia: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad yesterday defended his decision as prime minister to teach Mathematics and Science in English in schools. “We have to master the learning of these subjects in English first. Right now, all the research in science … Continue reading

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UK: return to single-sex education would help to get girls interested in science and engineering

Sarah McCarthy-Fry said girls could be put off by boys in the classroom and separating them for lessons could be the answer, reports the Daily Telegraph. In her first interview since replacing Lord Adonis in the Prime Minister’s recent reshuffle, … Continue reading

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