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21st Century Teacher Training: ITI Istanbul PART 2

Read the concluding part of the interview with the teacher trainers of ITI Istanbul: Image courtesy of Do you feel that courses such as CELTA and DELTA adequately prepare teachers of English? What would you do to change things … Continue reading

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21st Century Teacher Training: ITI Istanbul

The International Training Institute (ITI) specialises in teacher training and development. They have been conducting teacher training courses since 1988 and boast one of the highest success ratios worldwide. ITI is internationally recognised as a leading centre for the Cambridge … Continue reading

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Job Security by TEFL Daddy

In an article in the upcoming first issue of the ELT World journal, I’ll be highlighting how the poor treatment of ELT professionals around the world is having a stifling effect on those in the profession. Image from the TEFL … Continue reading

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The history of English with ET365

English may not be the natural choice of many as a lingua franca, but here we are at the beginning of the 21st century caught up in the profession of teaching people around the world how to speak our language. … Continue reading

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Finding jobs in the UAE

Thanks once again to the fabulous Mishmumkin, who posted this account of finding jobs over on the United Arab Emirates forum: Finding jobs in the UAEI’ve come across a lot of questions from CELTA and cert TESOL holders seeking work … Continue reading

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Teach English Abroad: Good advice for all

If you’re thinking about become an English teacher, a great place to start researching is at the Teaching English Abroad website. On the website, you can easily access information relating to TEFL Certificates, the myths & realities of teaching abroad, … Continue reading

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The Cost of Living & Japanese Words by Alex Case

Japanese cost of living Many of us like to think about the cost of living when deciding to up and move to a foreign country. As we tend to do this a lot more than most of the human race, … Continue reading

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20 great links for the TOEFL exam

How many of us haven’t heard students say things such as “How can I increase my TOEFL score? What’s the secret of the IELTS? I need a better TOEFL score! I need to improve on the IELTS exam!”? Like many … Continue reading

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Not Hangman Again! English Droid’s Games

A fine collection of games for the English language classroom is available in PDF format over at the ever hilarious English Droid website. Covering old favourites such as hangman, battleships and blockbusters, as well as variations on common adaptable classroom fun … Continue reading

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This Guy is Teaching Abroad: Teaching in Mexico

  You may have noticed a new addition to the moderator team over at the forums: Guy Courchesne. Guy also has a very interesting blog in which he chronicles the many experiences he’s had teaching English in Mexico. In fact, … Continue reading

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